Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Pretty late to the colour pop bandwagon, but I'm finally on it! Shipping to Australia was approximately $30AUD (find a friend to split shipping with!), and the products arrived just under 2 weeks. I spent around $92AUD, which also includes shipping and conversion fee. Below are swatches of my purchase, a quick first impression. The colour range from colourpop is huge, whether it's for eyeshadows, lipsticks or cheek products! 



ULTRA METALLIC EYESHADOW - STEREOULTRA METALLIC EYESHADOW -  LALAThe eyeshadows are super creamy and blend quite well. The colour pay off is gorgeous (super pigmented). 'Envy' was broken when I first received it but it was easily fixed by pushing down the product together with my finger (that's how buttery/cushioney it is).In terms of packaging, it comes in a white light-weight plastic compact, with clear, twist-off lids. Second image (top to bottom): stereo, drift, lala and game face.
ULTRA SATIN LIP - FRICK N' FRACK (described as: rosy terracota)

ULTRA SATIN LIP - TOOLIPS (described as: plum brown)

ULTRA SATIN LIP - MESSAROUND (described as: mid-tone grey beige)

I know the ultra matte lip products are super popular,  but my lips simply cannot handle matte lipsticks so I opted for the ultra satin formula. I'm expecting the lipsticks to be long lasting because it was so difficult to remove (swatches). I even tried micellar water and make up wipes, but there were still stains! Once applied to the lips, there's a high chance it won't look like the colour in the tube. Some of my friends have told me it was completely different for them. The product itself on my lips are sticky, but not overly sticky. It's not smooth where you can rub your lips together easily.

Left to right: wisp (described as: golden champagne) and lunch money (described as: soft light gold)

Oh my god, can I just set my foundation with these highlighters? They're freaking gorgeous and super pigmented/buttery like the eyeshadows. Before purchasing the highlighters, I read that wisp is a dupe for BECCA champagne pop, whilst lunch money is a dupe for BECCA moonstone. I haven't tried them on my cheeks yet, but hopefully they show up well.

Below is a video of the swatches in motion - full screen the video, then watch it in 720pHD

Monday, March 14, 2016


I have thin, short and downward lashes, so what I look for in a mascara, is something that will curl, lengthen and thicken my natural lashes. From the countless mascaras I've purchased and tried, I will be reviewing my top four (+ one bottom lash mascara).  Please excuse the brows as they literally took 30 seconds to fill, and I over plucked them last week *cries*. 

My lashes ended up looking somewhat similar in the pictures, but I've tried to individually explain why I liked that particular mascara. I HAVE APPLIED 2 COATS OF MASCARA IN EACH REVIEW.


This is the hardest mascara amongst the four to remove, as it is waterproof. The sales assistant mentioned it was their most popular mascara for customers with short, thin and downward lashes (me!!!). I know spending $54 for a mascara is pushing it, but the thin plastic-bristle brush makes applying mascara so easy (getting right into those corner lashes). It holds the curls for most of the day, lengthens my lashes and makes them look thicker without being too clumpy. The mascara does an amazing job at separating my lashes too. However, it can look spidery if more than 2 coats are applied. Would only recommend for those that won't be sad when it dries out, since the life expectancy is around 3 months.
TOO FACED BETTER THAN SEX MASCARA - RRP $36.00If you've read my blog before then you would know how much I love this mascara! From the last time I purchased this mascara, I can't believe Mecca has increased the price by $7. As mentioned in my 'Six products that I cannot live without', the mascara is vegan friendly. The product lasts all day and doesn't smudge. The hourglass brush helps to hug ever single lash and lengthens them effortlessly. This mascara makes my lashes look fuller, as it doesn't separate them the way my other mascaras do. I wouldn't recommend this mascara for those with naturally long lashes as it may look too clumpy and unflattering (a couple of my friends with longer lashes have told me they disliked the mascara). Would highly recommend for occasions where you don't want to wear falsies, but still want your lashes to pop.BENEFIT ROLLER LASH MASCARA - RRP $42Benefit never seems to disappoint with their mascaras! I own They're real, however I think the Roller Lash is so much better. I am obsessed with the slightly curved brushed (it doesn't get onto my lids), as it helps to curl and hold my lashes. Compared to the other mascaras, I feel like this mascara is easier to apply. I've only had this mascara for a couple of weeks, but it's the only mascara I've been reaching for. This mascara is buildable for me since my lashes are thin, so it doesn't look clumpy - compared to someone that may have natural fuller lashes. The mascara does not smudge or flake. Too many great things to say about this mascara! Love, love, love! Would highly recommend if you're looking for a non drug store mascara that would be perfect for everyday use (work or uni). MAYBELLINE THE COLOSSAL VOLUM' EXPRESS CAT EYES - RRP $16 (or cheaper)The next time Chemist Warehouse or Priceline has their huge make up sale, I recommend everyone to go and purchase three, four, or more (just don't open them until you actually use it, as it will dry out)! I have the Chantecaille Faux Clis mascara which is $71 (could get 7 Maybelline mascaras when they're on sale) at Mecca, and it does not compare to this Maybelline mascara. Not only will this mascara not break the bank, but it will volumise, lengthen and keep your lashes curled. If you don't mind the wetter formula then this is for you! It also does a great job at fanning out the lashes. This mascara works well for the lower lashes, as the wand isn't chunky/thick like 'Too faced Better than sex'. For your reference, the wand is more curled than 'Benefit Roller Lash'. For those that haven't tried this mascara before, l guarantee this will be a holy grail. You'll seriously be amazed with how stunning your lashes look after one coat. For such a low price, I think it does a great (if not, better) job than the mascaras mentioned above. Get on it people!!! CLINIQUE BOTTOM LASH MASCARA - RRP $28Yes, this is a mascara for your lower lashes! I struggle using regular mascara for my lower lashes, so this cute/small wand makes applying mascara more precise and mess free. It does not smudge, and it lengthens and separates all my lashes. However, the formula is a little too wet for my liking, so I like to fan the brush out before applying. It's also great for the inner conners of my top lashes. I think it's overpriced as the mascara is so small (similar to a mascara sample), but it will seriously make life so much easier.