Tuesday, August 11, 2015


It has literally been half a year since I posted, which means I totally lied to myself when I said I would blog more often. However in saying that, I finally got a job so at least I've achieved my biggest goal for the year, haha. Also, I finally got my P's and a car! I've been going to the gym as well, so I've been more motivated to stay healthier and fitter. There's definitely so much going on, and I'm trying really hard to juggle everything. All in all, so far so good, and couldn't be more content.

Enough on the update, here's five six (Initially I was meant to pick five, but I couldn't narrow it down) beauty products that I cannot live without:

I received a deluxe sample from one of the MECCA beauty loops a couple of months ago, and it took me forever to finish. After using it a couple of times, I knew I would purchase the full size when my sample was empty, because it was such a great primer! It has a silky texture hence it effortlessly glides onto my face, making the application of my foundation so easy. I can never apply foundation without priming my face (it's feels like I'm walking out the house with no bra on). I never use a full pump, and a little definitely goes a long way. The best thing about it, is that it actually makes my make up stay on for longer. Despite the price tag, I can't fault it at all (like c'mon, even the packaging is so gorgeous).

STILA- Stay All Day Foundation & Concealer (Light) - $65.00

What's the point of a great primer without a great foundation to use after, right?? I've literally been obsessing over this foundation/concealer combo. You get a great foundation, amazing concealer and a brush, which I forgot to take a picture of. Probably one of the best non-drugstore foundation because of it's value. Now days, higher end foundations are $50+. The foundation has a thicker consistency compared to other foundations, medium coverage but definitely buildable (not cakey). The concealer has a creamy texture, and doesn't crease on me. It hides my ridiculous dark circles very well, which is the best thing about it.

I've tried a variety of bronzers, but this will always be my favourite. There is a divine smell of chocolate, which is certainly not overwhelming. It's a matter bronzer with no shimmers, which is great for contouring/bronzing. I also love how it doesn't make me look muddy, and it's definitely buildable. It's a great size, and the compact is quite sturdy (won't randomly open). I don't have a single complaint about this product.


The hour-glass shaped mascara is one of my favourites. I've been asked a couple of times if I was wearing falsies, but a couple coats of this goodness and you're set! Trust me on this one, I have the shortest lashes but people actually think I'm wearing falsies. It thickens my lashes without making it look clumpy. I also read that this mascara is vegan friendly, which is great to know. It lasts all day, however it isn't waterproof. If this is too expensive for you, I also recommend Maybelline's 'Volum' Express Colossal - Waterproof'.

MAC VELUXE BROW LINER (Brunette) - $32.00
All these girls using the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade and I'm here thinking I could just use this for the rest of my life (obviously a different shade if I dye my hair). I can leave my house with no foundation, mascara, and etc on, but I can't leave without filling in my eyebrows. I can do my eyebrows so fast with this pencil, and it goes on so easily. It stays on all day, and it isn't too harsh (natural, but not too natural??). It is quite expensive for an eyebrow pencil, but it's one of those products that is too good to complain. Excellent product, and would purchase again and again.

CLARINS ROUGE ECLAT LIPSTICK (True Aubergine) - $40.00
My favourite lipstick ever, because I love the formula and adore the colour so much. It feels very hydrating on my lips (which some of my lipsticks fail to do), and it has a very yummy smell to it. It's has a vampy look to it when applied, despite appearing quite pink in the picture. It is actually a gorgeous red - purple based lipstick. Perfect colour for winter, and I've been wearing it heaps. My friend got me this as a gift, and I'm glad she did because I don't think I would've tried the lipsticks from Clarins. I'm definitely keen to check out their other colours.

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